Review Portal

We have had a chance to chat about your Setup Survey and you have gotten a copy of your portal mockup. Now it is time for you to review the mockup and make adjustments, if needed.

About the Portal Mockup

The mockup is a wireframe of your user portal; a high-level computer generated bone structure that outlines the interface (your screen) and where all your tools will be laid out. I also attach a simple summary of any new tools that I would like to implement and how we will set up your access to these tools.

It is likely that we will be using many tools that you are familiar with and already use, but the capacity in which we use them may change. So, be prepared to make adjustments within your existing services, as we reformulate your workflow for this project.

Mockup Review Goals

The mockup review was created to give you a voice in the  processes that we use to manage your project(s) and/or team(s). In addition, this exercise allows us to do an activity together before we get rolling on higher visibility portions of our contract. At the end of the day, I want you to enjoy the ease and clarity that having a centralized workstation can provide. So, please use the form below as a guide to help you walk through the review process and submit to confirm that you have reviewed your documents. I will be in touch within 1 – 2 business days to confirm reciept and next steps.