About Me

Hi. My Name is Kiki...

Customer Focused Digital Maestra and Lemonade Maker

I turn your Lemons ...

Cluttered UX

Disjointed Ecosystem

Inefficient CX

Unfocused Data

Dwindling User Engagement

Shifting Priorities

I am an experienced Product Manager currently operating my own consulting firm, Lodestarr, where I focus on empowering small to medium sized organizations that want to harness non-traditional digital solutions to enhance ux/cx. I specialize in multichannel digital innovation for retailers and services and am currently working on mobile applications, personalization, machine learning and AI for immersive omnichannel experiences. My most exciting implementations include, driving the adoption of mobile apps, interactive technology for material goods and chatboxes …

...into Lemonade

Clean UX/UI

Identify New Opportunities

Seamless Checkout & Customer Care Access

Omnichannel Planning

Refining Insights

Mobile Optimization

Strategic Analysis

In my spare time, I explore and write about culture, society, design and technology...

I am always open to new opportunities...