Prep for Consultation

So, we now that we have a 1-on-1 on the books, this is the perfect opportunity to get yourself in gear. Here are some resources that will ensure that we are on the same page and that you set aside the time to think about all the components that will make your next phase successful.

Business Planning

All organizations, new and old, continue to have to continuously evolve their strategy, documentation, processes, and presence to optimize for growth opportunities. Since growth comes from excellent R&D and agility in an ever-changing marketplace, I always recommend that my start up clients build strong foundations with a comprehensive business plan. By setting a standard of digging deep into research, being meticulous about documentation, and clarifying your direction with strategic planning, you are setting your organization up for success. I have developed a comprehensive overview of business planning for start ups to get you started. So, whether you are enlisting me to develop part or all of your strategy, I encourage you to delve into this guide and begin developing business critical details now…

Consultation Handbook

Reconfiguring your organization is a complex process. And because many business owners come into this sector to gain lifestyle autonomy, creative expansion, and financial freedom; the demands of the evolving business and innovation continuum can be challenging to navigate and implement on your own. As a consultant, my job is to bring ease into your strategic process and help your organization plan and execute bespoke processes and products. At the end of the day, my duty is to help you develop blue prints, roadmaps and builds that will enable your product to maintain its unique expression while elevating its offering for best in class experiences. The following guide was created to clarify my process and provide staging for post-consultation recommendations. Please be sure to check this out and come with questions.

Tools of the Trade

Best in class experiences come from the inside out. As an experienced product manager, I continue to explore, adopt tools, and implement processes that make the development process straightforward and enjoyable. During our consultation, we can discuss a few of my favorites and how they can help you improve your current work flow, as well as streamline internal processes as you continue to expand your organization’s internal ecosystem.

Are you in Alignment?

Strategy, budget, goals, and revenue for a start up or a new product are the most critical components to a venture’s success. Many businesses have thought about these elements but often fall short on developing optimal actionable blue prints that reflect all the facets that launch the ideas into reality. A core offering of my consultancy is creating alignment; from planning to hitting revenue targets, I aim to offer my clients perspective and optimal pathways. So, to get us started on the right foot, I will overview this principle concept during our conversation.

Getting in Position

As your new product or startup evolve, being several steps ahead in hiring is critical to creating room for scale. Developing foresight into your organizations needs three months, six months, and even nine months ahead of time can be a huge challenge when you are deep in the weeds of getting your ideas off the ground. Never the less, this strategic foresight is critical to poising yourself for growth. So, be sure to begin exploring your org chart before our consultation and we will be able to incorporate your human resource strategy into the overall outlook and plan.

Material vs Digital

As the landscape for retailer and services move warp speed ahead and further into the depths of the 21st century, it is inevitable for both material goods and digital products to commingle and birth new experiences. Curating the on-brand interaction of the material and digital can be a unique challenge for an organization of any size and can be more so if this is a new or evolving dynamic in your product ecosystem. With that said I challenge my new clients to begin thinking about the intentions and outcomes of these interactions as they currently exist. More so, it is critical to start exploring how your understanding of your user base is informing the implementations of these mediums. I look forward to beginning sifting through these notes and concepts with you, during our call.