Diving Deeper

Congratulations! You have chosen to explore your pathway towards growth and refinement. Determining what your product/organization needs can be a tricky process, so this is a great opportunity to review your current status and strategy with a professional. In addition, connecting about the consultation is the perfect time to evaluate your investment position, commitment to growth, and transformation. 

Organizations seek a consultant for many reasons including: counseling, a 3rd party perspective, or even temporary staffing for an evolving post or product...etc. So, enjoy the process of talking to someone new about your goals and challenges; perhaps you could learn something new and add a new professional to your arsenal. 

New clients go through a simple 4 step process before we draft an agreement, which includes: 

                     1)   Fill out a consultation request form

                     2)  Schedule your free consultation (1 hr)

                     3)  Prep and Connect for Consultation

                     4)  Schedule a 15 Minute Follow-Up

My new client process is free and easy. My goal is to empower your decision to invest in services and staffing that will align with your goals and timelines. If for some reason this process does not align with your organization's needs, please feel free to touch base with me via my contact page.