Business Planning Guide

Congratulations! You are taking one  the most important steps in building your business’ foundations.

Developing a business plan is a crutial part of preparing your organization to scale for growth. For my clients taking on generationg part of all of this content, I have developed a comprehensive business planning guide to get you on the right track. Please select one of the options below to either (a) view or (b) download the business planning guide.

Once you have completed your initial draft, the next steps include:

1. Agree on a retainer for future services

2. Scheduling a 15 minute follow-up

3. Email the current draft for review

4. Agree to terms and conditions for analyses protocols.

5. Get your revised business plan with further instructions that will provide your personalized content for your project.

I wish you all the best, as you embark on this part  journey. Please feel free to comprise a list of questions to submit with your plan and I will be sure to address them in the analysis.