...On the dotted line...

Now that we have agreed on terms, the Service Agreement (SA) and Statement of Work (SOW) should be in your inbox (within 2 business days of completing the review form). Please read more about the SA and SOW below. To confirm services, review and sign the documentation that is provided through the custom link. Then, use the form below to submit the signed documents. After you have submitted your documentation, move onto step 3 to make your deposit.

About the SA

The service agreement (SA) serves as a contract for our specified project. Most of my contracts have short term specifications; however, the duration of each contract is determined on a project by project basis. All contracts currently fall under the independent contractor agreement and are not extended to hires within my network. All contracts are open to extension or renegotiation, at the end of the service cycle.

About the SOW


The Statement of Work (SOW) serves as a guideline to provide definition for expectations on each project(s). Highlighting the project summary, scheduling, timelines, and financials; the SOW is a reference tool to ensure that success criteria for each specified project share consensus. All SA’s are coupled with at least one SOW.