Feedback: the breakfast of Champions

You just got access to user web portal and have had a chance to use it. Let me know what you think…

Your portal will remain fixed for the duration of our worked together, because migrating tools can be complex and important information can be lost. So, it is important for you to explore the portal and all the tools to make sure it is right for you. Remember that we all have different needs, when it comes to process and it is not always a bad idea to start lean and add more functionality as your organization or product grows. At the same time, if your are poising for rapid growth, sometimes you have to adopt more complex tools earlier to create continuity in the future. Since finding the balance between what you need now and what you will need later is one of life’s greatest conundrums, I have created this check point to allow you to quickly review your new portal and leave any feedback before we go forward.

Feel free to communicate about any adjustments, questions or concerns; this is your opportunity to refine the process before we get started.