Playing a principal product manager for small organizations and start-ups requires you to wear many hats and solve hundreds of problems across many sectors of the business. The role’s dynamic responsibility simultaneously involves product foresight, operational insight, and architectural vision to ensure all applications positively impact everything from user experience and customer experience, sales and employee experience, procurement and shipping, to aligning with longitudinal roadmaps and business goals.

To gain a stronger understanding of the types of issues that I have tackled and the implementations that I have executed, I have created the case studies below. Deliberately developed to help you dive into my process and familiarize you with the exceptional experiential dynamics that each of these unique organizations established for trends that are still having an impact on the products we consume today, I hope you appreciate the ecosystems that each case study recreates.


Driving scalable customer experiences through thoughtful digital curation.



Establishing sustainable revenue through shifting product foci.

Paxton Gate


Creating scalable inventory and checkout processes for an IRL indie cult classic brick-n-mortar franchise.

The Grocery Store


Harnessing the digital frontier for a legacy fashion incubator and white glove boutique chain.